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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nascar Changes From Volvo Truck Haulers To Mack Truck Haulers In 2016 Made By Volvo

2003 Team Caliber Volvo Owners Series Nascar Hauler

Written By James Allan | 9-20-2017

Volvo trucks were used by Nascar and some team owners to haul their cars and equipment from race to race during the racing season most likely because of fuel efficiency. Nascar rules state only U.S. made cars can run in the races but the team owners and Nascar staff uses foreign made haulers? In 2016 Nascar made, "Mack Trucks" the official hauler of Nascar again most likely because they are U.S. made but Mack Trucks is owned by the Swedish company, "Volvo".

Nascar is my favorite sport and always has been. I never knew or bothered to look at the haulers Nascar was using. My impression has always been that Nascar runs only U.S. made cars so it would be correct to assume that the Nascar staff and teams would be using U.S. made haulers too. I'm to stunned to be shocked at this.

I purchased this 2003 Team Caliber Hauler second hand years ago and decided it was time to find out what it is and sell it. When I first saw this truck I wondered why the name Volvo was associated with Nascar since no Volvo cars were being run on the track as Toyota's didn't run in Nascar races until 2007 as Toyota manufacturing plants were opening up in the U.S.. My only thought was fuel prices and fuel efficiency of the Volvo haulers were better than U.S. made haulers which is always the case.

Nascar used to be an "All American Sport" that was proud and growing and now because of profit taking Nascar is moving towards globalization bringing in foreigners under the cultural diversity banner. Nascar claims cultural diversity but since 2004 their profits have been in a steady dive and their push to diversify with foreigners is just to kick up the profits.

As a true Nascar fan I'm happy Nascar is moving back to the U.S. made Mack hauler truck although Volvo owns Mack. Any move by Nascar back to a U.S. made product is better than any move away and helps keep that U.S. spirit going. Foreign drivers and cars in Nascar diminishes the spirit of U.S. stock car racing. Foreign drivers and cars have the Indy racing League and CART.

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